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Whenever you use your mark you should use a designation with it. Once it is registered you can use the ® after the mark. In the meantime, you should use the ™ symbol if you are using your mark to sell and promote goods and the ℠ symbol if you are using your marks to sell and promote your services––even if you haven’t filed an application with the Trademark Office. Remember, the ® can only be used if you have received a federal registration.


A registered trademark only protects what is registered. It is important that the same words are used that are registered. For example, if the registered mark is “Jackie’s Muffin Stand®”, then “Jackie’s Muffins” is not the registered mark because the word “Stand” is missing.


A trademark does not stop the mark from being used in conjunction with any other good or service. Instead, a registered mark is only enforceable against others in the same class of goods or services. For example, if a mark is registered for computer repair services, then it is likely not enforceable for against someone who uses the mark to sell gardening supplies because the brands are not in competition and it is unlikely that consumers will confuse the brands.


Zarley Law has been helping build brands for decades.  In fact, Zarley Law has filed over 2,500 trademark applications.

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