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When you put pen to paper, we'll have you covered

The exclusive legal right to publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic or musical material

A lot of effort goes into your creative works, and that effort deserves the highest degree of protection. All original works of art or authorship can be protected by a copyright. We have obtained hundreds and can make sure your creation is protected internationally if desired. If you created it, we can help you protect it.


Making Sure It’s Right

The protection of a copyright is automatically granted to all original work. The fullest protection of a copyright, however, is not immediately granted.

We know how to obtain the strongest copyrights because we’ve done it before and we can build the best case for your copyright to be accepted and registered. That’s why it’s important to have a partner like Zarley Law advocating for your idea and its protection.


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When Do I Need a Copyright?

If you’ve created an original piece of art like a painting, novel, song or play, you need a copyright. The sooner you obtain protection, the sooner your rights are fully enforceable. Copyrights do not protect intellectual property like your brand name or slogans. Trademarks are the proper tool and we can help you with that too.

Our Copyright Services

  • Portfolio Management
  • Copyright Valuations

Copyright FAQs

Do I need to register my work for copyright protection?

Copyright protection is automatic, but you do not get all the protections under the copyright laws until you obtain Federal Registration.

What is a Work Made for Hire?

Certain types of work remain the property of their creator unless there is a specific contract clause in place before the work starts that indicates that the work is being made for another person and that the creator understands that the work isn’t theirs.

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