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Trade Secrets

Keeping hidden what makes you unique
Trade Se•cret

\ˈtrād\ \ˈsē-krət\
Something (such as a special way of doing or making something) that is known only by the company that uses it and is protected from competitors

Your specific way of conducting business can provide a competitive advantage. A company’s trade secrets can be their most valuable intellectual property. You need a partner to establish and maintain the things that set you apart from your competitors.

Zarley Law can be that partner, providing expert counseling and the necessary measures to keep your proprietary information secure, including nondisclosure agreements, employee or corporate policies and noncompete agreements.


The Benefits of Trade Secrets

Instead of obtaining patent protection, it may be advisable to maintain your competitive edge by protecting your trade secrets. Trade secrets are flexible because they can be anything confidential having proprietary value—even something that would not be protected through other means.

Therefore the requirements of a trade secret are relatively simple and straightforward. We can help you maintain the trade secrets that keep your business competitive.


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When Do I Need Trade Secret Protection?

If your business has information that is not generally known in your industry that is valuable to your company, it’s a trade secret and you should take steps to protect it—and quickly. It is possible you have numerous valuable trade secrets that you are not aware of.  A plan and strategy from the beginning will help you keep your secret a secret. We can help.

Our Trade Secret Services

  • Maintenance Plan Review
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Trade Secret Evaluation
  • Trade Secret Valuation
  • Noncompete Agreements
  • Trade Secret Maintenance Plans

Trade Secrets FAQs

What can be considered a trade secret?

Generally speaking, just about anything, as long as it is confidential and gives you a competitive edge.

How do you get a trade secret?

The key to trade secrets is not obtaining them, it is maintaining them as confidential while still operating your business and entrepreneurial endeavors. This requires a good plan early on, because once a secret is out, it’s out.

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