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Safeguarding the things that get you noticed

A symbol, word or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product

Your brand may be your most significant intellectual property—if it is properly protected. We help clients build their business identity, grow their product or service recognition and protect their image against infringers through strong trademark protection.

Zarley Law is proud to have helped so many build their brands through comprehensive trademark protection, including protecting marks internationally. We want to help your name become well-known and remain yours alone.


Partners in Protection

To obtain the full protection of trademark law, we can help you develop your brand and apply for and secure marks in the U.S. and any other countries in which you do business. Once approved, we’ll be there to make sure your trademark is maintained so your protection lasts.


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When Do I Need a Trademark?

Trademarks work great to protect the name of your company, logo or a catchphrase. Before you even begin to build the integrity of your business on a particular mark, you should begin the process of seeking trademark advice. This ensures that your brand is free and clear of other trademarks that could cause issues down the road. If you have selected your trademark or started using the trademark, it is all the more important to secure your trademark’s protection against competitors.

Our Trademarks Services

  • Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Consultation
  • Trademark Drafting
  • Trademark Searches
  • Trademark Prosecution and Appeals

Trademark FAQs

When can I file for a trademark?

You can file for a trademark even before you start using the trademark you want to protect, but to avoid additional costs, you can wait until you start using it to sell products or services.

What does the ® or circle R mean?

The ® or circle R means that you have a trademark that has been federally registered and is protected throughout the United States instead of just the areas where you currently sell your product or service.

Will my trademark apply to everything?

Trademark protection only applies to the goods or services you use your trademark for. For instance, if you only use your mark to sell shirts, you cannot prevent someone from selling insurance using the same mark.

What is the difference between a word mark and a stylized mark?

A word mark protects your trademark regardless of how the mark is presented. A stylized mark only protects the particular design used, meaning that the same phrase printed in a different style, size, color or font other than the stylized mark would not be protected.

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