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Judge Tells Katy Perry To Get Off Her High Horse

In what is already shaping up to be a contentious appeal, a jury in California ordered Katy Perry and several co-writers of her hit song ...
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LeBron James Opposes King James Trademark Application

Imagine you're out and about, and you see a person wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "King James"-- who or what comes to mind? ...
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Utility Patent vs. Design Patent: Does It Matter?

Depending upon your invention, your situation, and your objective, the type of patent you choose to pursue can be an important decision. Each type of ...
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Ohio State Goes Full Ohio State And Seeks Trademark On The Word “The”

In one of the most Ohio State moves ever, the University has applied for trademark protection on the word "THE". Ohio State filed for registration ...
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Court Upholds Gatorade’s “Sports Fuel” Slogan As Fair Use

In a unanimous ruling, the Seventh Circuit held last week that the slogan "Gatorade the Sports Fuel Company" should be considered fair use, and does ...
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Congress Takes Another Step Toward Copyright Small Claims Court

A bill in Congress that would create a special tribunal for small copyright disputes has cleared a key procedural hurdle on its way to enactment ...
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The Importance of Patent Examiner Interviews

What is a USPTO examiner interview?A USPTO examiner interview is a useful tool during patent prosecution to clarify positions, resolve issues and provide a better ...
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Marvel Pulls Off Escape From Iron Man Suit

After three years of litigation, Marvel is finally off the hook in a copyright suit involving the Iron Man franchise ...
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Can I Trademark A Scent?

The answer, as with most legal questions, is: it depends. There is no rule that smells, as a category, cannot serve as a trademark ...
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Taylor Swift’s New Cat Gets Trademark Protection

T-Swift's newest kitty, Benjamin Button, is on his way to trademark protection ...
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USPTO to Require American Attorneys for Foreign Trademark Applicants

Beginning August 3rd, foreign entities who want to file a U.S. trademark application will need a U.S.-licensed attorney to do it. The USPTO decided to ...
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The Supreme Court’s Action And Inaction On Intellectual Property Matters Is Telling

The Supreme Court followed up its decision that permitted disparaging trademarks such as "Redskins" to be registered by upholding this week that "immoral or scandalous" ...
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